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Indian dance workshopSusanna uses Indian dance to inspire and capture the imagination of children who are studying the topic of India. Assemblies and workshops are in accord with National curriculum key stages 1 and 2.

Shrimathi Susanna graduated in Bharatanatyam, a classical dance from South India in 1996. She trained in the UK under Shrimathi Pathmini Gunaseelan of Narthana Kalalaya and in India under Adyar.K Lakshman, Anuradha Shinde and Geetha Gopinath. Susanna won a scholarship in 1997 to study at The Christu Dance Centre in Chennai. She has performed extensively throughout the UK and in South India expressing Christian rather than Hindu themes, captivating her audiences with this spiritual and stunning dance form. Susanna lives in North Essex with her husband and two children.

"Shrimathi Susanna was born to dance...she revealed her ability to interpret the music with such ease, that the whole audience could understand her every move."

Gilda Sebastian (GDS Promotions.com)

"Susanna dances Bharatanatyam with such grace and truth she transcends any cultural divide, and draws her audience into the language of Indian dance with familiarity yet enchantment."

Jamila Gavin (A British writer born in Mussoorie, known for her children's books)


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